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Executive Workshops: What CXOs need to know in a Digital Economy
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Date : 2016-11-02
Time : 9:00am - 5:30pm

Most companies have come to an understanding that digital change is a macro factor that impacts strategy in their industry. More and more CXOs (CDO, CInO, CISSO, CMO, CCO, etc.) are choosing to head up digital change in the business to improve capability. However, to transform a business is not just introduce the developers in your IT department to your product, marketing and operational teams. The shift is more fundamental than that. Just as startups are challenging established business models with goods and services that mesh digital and physical worlds, technology must be intertwined with every business process. 
CXOs need to know that in a Digital Economy, it demands a whole new mindset and leadership — one focused on radical process simplification and alignment of the right technology with your business strategy. How extensively an enterprise can transform is limited only by the imagination of its people and their willingness to accept change.
This series of executive workshops will assist CXOs to develop strategic initiatives to pave the way for the years ahead in the following areas: 
Product Management Workshop: Positioning your Product for Success
Product positioning is an important part of a product management strategy. It helps buyers and users understand where a product ‘fits’ in terms what it offers, and how it compares with competing products
This introductory workshop is designed to provide product management, marketing and business development professionals with the knowledge and skills to establish market awareness and position their products effectively in new markets. 
Brand Management Workshop: How to grow your Business by Building your Brand
“If you stripped away every asset of the Coca-Cola Company, demolished its bottling plants, razed its offices to the ground and left it with nothing… Except the brand name Coca-Cola, I would be able to rebuild the company again.” These words by a former CEO eloquently capture the value of a brand. A brand is much more than the sum of the features of the product it represents.  
This introductory workshop will provide an introduction to branding, its role in marketing, how brands are valued and how brand growth is intrinsically linked to business growth. During the workshop participants will be exposed to real live examples of successful brands and their strategies.  
Change Management Workshop: Change Essentials for Leaders

This full-day, interactive program equips leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to successfully lead themselves and others through change while continuing to drive business results.   

Discussions, activities, assessments and tools enable participants to apply PRITCHETT’s field-tested best practices to address their own change challenges.  

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Date: 2- 4 November 2016 (Wed-Fri)
Time: 9.00am to 5.30pm
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