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IPv6 Enterprise Deployment Strategies (Workshop)
Course Description: 
The course, spread over 3 contact hours, is designed to familiarise trainees with 
the need, characteristics, and benefits of IPv6 in Enterprise Deployment.
Learning Points: 
At the end of the course, trainees will be able to understand: 
- Need to move beyond IPv4 
- IPv6 design principles 
- IPv6 Control Packets 
- DHCPv6 for Enterprise 
- Some Best Practices
Entry Criteria: 
-Knowledge of English to WPL 3 
-Familiarity with administration of networks 
-Fundamental understanding of IPv6 
Target Audience 
Organisational ICT Managers who need to plan and architect for the future technologies, TDMs and BDMs for Solution Providers, Network Infrastructure Manager or Director, CTOs and CIOs, IT HODs. 
Course Outline: 
1. Why IPv6 
2. IPv6 Addressing 
- IPv6 Addressing Architecture 
- IPv6 Packet Header 
- IPv6 Addresses and Prefixes 
- IPv6 Subnetting 
3. The Neighbor Discovery Protocol 
- Routers 
- Neighbors 
- DAD 
4. Addressing Schemes in an Enterprise 
- SLAAC, with EUI-64 or PE 
- DHCPv6 
5. DHCPv6 for Enterprise 
- Overview of DHCPv6 
- DHCPv6 Operations 
6. NPT in Enterprise networks 
- Provider-Allocated space 
- Prevent renumbering when changing upstreams 
7. A survey of current best practices 
Course duration:
1 day
Course date:
29 Jul 2016 (Wednesday)
Course Fee: 
$321 (Inclusive of GST)


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