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Essentials of Product Management
Brainmates, Australia’s leading Product Management experts, bring to life the essentials of a best-practice product management methodology. The 3-day course is teeming with interactive exercises and case studies from their consulting practice, which serves a diverse cross-section of industries.
Participants of this practical course will learn how to apply smarter market-centric approaches to both their new product development projects and day-to-day activities.
This course is certified by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (APIMM).
Participants will learn the following:
• A clear structured thought-process from ideation through to product launch planning.
• To quickly gather many fuzzy product ideas and uncover which are the most worthwhile to explore further.
• Research their target customers to uncover their unmet needs.
• Articulate the market and product requirements for product design, development and marketing purposes.
• Effectively plan the product delivery and go-to-market activities.
• Maximise their efforts in juggling day-to-day activities, monitoring their product performance, keeping up to date on their market and managing stakeholders.
Course Pre-Requisites
Product and Marketing people with at least two years’ relevant experience and are seeking greater efficiencies in carrying out their role of developing and marketing products and services to their target market.

Course Outline

  • 1. Key Product Management Concepts:
We provide a clear definition of a product, and the core responsibilities of the Product Manager within an organisation.
We walk through several concepts such as ‘Value”, “Market”, “Customer”, “Minimum Viable Product” which are the foundation of good Product Management.
  • 2. Day to Day Product Management
Product Managers will learn how to be more effective in operational activities such as reporting, analysis, marketing and stakeholder management.
  • 3. Brainmates Product Management Framework
The Brainmates Product Management Framework provides Product Managers with a process, a body of knowledge and practical tools for the successful delivery of new products and services into the market.
It steps through:
• Product Innovation
• Product Design
• Product Implementation
Participants will practice the activities involved in collecting the key inputs and creating the outputs required at each stage of Product Delivery.
Participants will learn how to effectively plan and quickly respond to changing market conditions when delivering, marketing and maintaining successful products.

For more information on course module, please refer to our brochure.


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